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From Tech Insiders we want to share different personal experiences from people in the industry: what is their day to day work like, what do they like about it, how did they get there… We want to provide a diverse portrait on working in the tech industry and hopefully inspire others to join in.

Latest interviews

Meet Nuria Ruiz, Software Engineer at Wikimedia

Published on 06 March 2014

Photo of Nuria Ruiz

We talked about many things, including how is it to work remotely in Wikimedia, her thoughts about what makes a good engineer and her experience getting in the industry with a Physics degree. We even got an scary anecdote from her days doing devops at Amazon.

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Meet Andrew Nesbitt, Developer at Github

Published on 18 February 2014

Photo of Andrew Nesbitt

In this occasion we sat down with Andrew Nesbitt, software Developer at Github. We spoke about how he ended up there, why he considers Github his dream company, what his regular day looks like and how to balance coding, playing with nodecopters and taking care of his rabbits.

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Meet Elena Pérez, Software Engineer at Facebook

Published on 03 February 2014

Photo of Elena Pérez

We sat down with Elena Pérez, Software Engineer at Facebook in London. We spoke about her day to day in the job, the things she likes about it, how she got there, and what her interview process was like. She even offered some advice on how to prepare for the interviews!

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